cover Volkov, Solomon

The Magical Chorus:A History of Russian Culture from Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn

: 2009
: Random House (USA)
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: 368


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From the reign of Tsar Nicholas II to the brutal cult of Stalin to the ebullient, uncertain days of perestroika, nowhere has the inextricable relationship between politics and culture been more starkly illustrated than in twentieth-century Russia. In the first book to fully examine the intricate and often deadly interconnection between Russian rulers and Russian artists, cultural historian Solomon Volkov brings to life the experiences that inspired artists like Tolstoy, Stravinsky, Akhmatova, Nijinsky, Nabokov, and Eisenstein to create some of the greatest masterpieces of our time. Epic in scope and intimate in detail, "The Magical Chorus" is the definitive account of a remarkable era in Russia's complex cultural life.

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