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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories
Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Through his brilliant tales of the doings of rich and glamorous characters during the Roaring Twenties, F.Scott Fitzgerald won a reputation as the quintessential Jazz Age writer. His portrayals of the manners and morals behind the pursuit of material ...
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114 р.
A Christmas Carol in Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas
Charles Dickens

`Рождественская песнь` - одно из лучших произведений великого английского писателя Ч.Диккенса. Сокращенный и незначительно адаптированный текст сопровождается постраничным комментарием. После каждой главы дается активный словарь, темы для ...
1 предложение
442 р.
Selected Short Stories
Joseph Conrad

This specially commissioned selection of Conrad`s matchless short stories includes such favourites as `Youth`, a modern epic of the sea; `The Secret Sharer`, a thrilling psychological drama; `An Outpost of Progress`, a blackly comic prelude to `Heart ...
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от 180 до 213 р.
Heart of Darkness & Other Stories
Joseph Conrad

Generally regarded as the pre-eminent work of Conrad's shorter fiction, `Heart of Darkness` is a chilling tale of horror, which, as the author intended, is capable of many interpretations. Set in the Congo during the period of rapid colonial ...
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от 115 до 180 р.
By the River Piedra 1 Sat Down and Wept
Paulo Coelho

1 предложение
553 р.
Sense and Sensibility
Jane Austen

Elinor and Marianne Dashwood are sisters. Both are intelligent, sensitive, charming, and beautiful, but there the similarities end. Elinor values propriety and common sense; she is prudent and cautious with a strong sense of duty. Marianne, by ...
1 предложение
767 р.
The Magic Hat and Other Danish Fairy Tales
Edited by Clara Stroebe

Strange and wonderful things happen in these classic Danish fairy tales: a boy steals a magic hat from the trolls, giving him the power of invisibility. And when a beautiful young girl is thrown down a well by her evil stepmother, she meets some ...
1 предложение
60 р.
Animal Farm . Серия: Литературный клуб: Совершенствуем английский
George Orwell

Penguin Student Editions are complete unabridged texts of Penguin Classics, Modern Classics and some more recent titles, packaged with reading help for the student in the form of: ...
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476 р.
Little Women
Alcott L.M.

Louisa May Alcott's classic tale of four sisters in a deluxe hardcover edition, with beautiful cover illustrations by Anna Bond, the artist behind world-renowned stationery brand Rifle Paper Co. ...
1 предложение
1170 р.
The Case of the Perjured Parrot/ Дело о лжесвидетельствующем попугае
Гарднер Э.С.

1 предложение
56 р.

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