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TOEFLIBT. Most up-to-date review and practice tests currently available 2013-2014. Книга + 10 CD - 13 изд.
Pamela J. Sharpe

Лучшая практика - гарантия успеха на экзамене Toefl IBT: Семь практических тестов нового формата "Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language"; Практические тесты на CD-ROM для компьютера или аудиозаписи для разделов ...
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1051 р.
The Stanley Kubrick Archives
Edited by Alison Castle

Part 1: The films. In 1968, when Stanley Kubrick was asked to comment on the metaphysical significance of 2001: A Space Odyssey, he replied: "It's not a message I ever intended to convey in words. 2001 is a nonverbal experience…. I ...
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7490 р.
The Collected Works of Oscar WildeThe Collected Works of Oscar Wilde
Wilde, Oscar

Wilde's works are suffused with his aestheticism, brilliant craftsmanship, legendary wit and, ultimately, his tragic muse. He wrote tender fairy stories for children employing all his grace, artistry and wit, of which the best-known is "The ...
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от 744 до 1100 р.
Fashion Гид. Горные лыжи
Елена Аверина

Ненавязчивый, ироничный и со знанием дела написанный гид по горнолыжным курортам. Автор гида - известная журналистка и любитель горных лыж Елена Аверина - рассказывает не только о том, куда лучше поехать, как подобрать лыжи и выбрать трассу для ...
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163 р.
Fashion Source. Technical Design
Asensio Paco

What do John Galliano, Armani, Martin Magiella, Gusto Barcelona, the couturiers of Zara and H&M's designers have in common? In spite of the particular style, the different audiences, and the creativity that defines them, all of them share a ...
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1501 р.
Paris: Hotels & More
Angelika Taschen

Where to stay and what to visit in the City of Love? Among the sumptuously-photographed accommodations hand-picked by Angelika Taschen are the Christian Lacroix-designed Hotel du Petit Moulin, the Trocadero Dokhan's (designed by Frederic ...
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1834 р.
Mario Testino: Portraits

Mario Testino is one of the outstanding photographers of his generation, and is perhaps best known for his much celebrated work in fashion photography. This is the first ever museum exhibition of his work and features over 120 portraits selected by ...
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8790 р.
Living in Argentina
Cardinale Ana, de Estrada Isabel

Argentina considers itself the most European of South American countries, and with good reason. The Argentineans have a strong connection to the old world; their achievements in design, filmmaking, literature, music, and art place them firmly in ...
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1925 р.
African Interiors
Angelika Taschen, Deidi von Schaewen

We've searched far and wide, through Africa's deserts and jungles, cities and wildlife reserves, islands and mountains, to uncover the continent's most inspirational dwellings; our goal was to find the kind of interiors that defy ...
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3850 р.
100 All-Time Favorite Movies of the 20th Century
Jurgen Muller

They say that in life, there are winners and there are losers. Though the movies we selected for this two-volume collection are winners indeed, those that didn’t make the cut aren’t losers.We just didn’t like them quite as much. It was a tough, ...
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от 1300 до 1599 р.

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