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Kevin Guilfoile

A murdered daughter, a killer on the loose and one chance to stop him - Would you take fate into your own hands? A vial of DNA is all Dr. Davis Moore needs to identify his daughter's murderer after years of grief and uncertainty. If he could ...
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569 р.
It Had to Be You
Shalvis Jill

Ali Winters is not having a good day. Her boyfriend left her, everyone in town thinks she's a thief, and now she's about to be kicked out of her home. Her only shot at keeping a roof over her head and clearing her name is to beg for help ...
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653 р.
The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell
Aldous Huxley

In 1953, in the presence of an investigator, Aldous Huxley took four-tenths of a gramme of mescalin, sat down and waited to see what would happen. When he opened his eyes everything was transformed. Huxley described his experience in The Doors of ...
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439 р.
Tatiana and Alexander
Paullina Simons

"Tatiana and Alexander" is a powerful story of grief and hope - a passionate and epic love story from the Russian-born author of "The Bronze Horseman". The world at war... two people in love. Tatiana is eighteen years old and ...
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689 р.
Cussler, Clive

Classic Dirk Pitt adventure, where the adventurer is drawn to the burning African desert, and a secret that could destroy all life in the world's seas. Deep in the African desert, Pitt discovers that a top-scinetific installation is leaking a ...
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415 р.
Architecture Materials. Glass. Verre Glas
Florian Seidel

The use of glass as a building material was encouraged in particular by garden design, as the protection of exotic plants required the construction of greenhouses and orangeries. In a record time of just five months, Joseph Paxton, himself a garden ...
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1384 р.
The Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction
Christopher Kelly

- ...
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501 р.
The Shannara Trilogy: Book 2: The Elfstones of Shannara
Terry Brooks

An ancient evil threatens the Elves and the Races of Man. The Ellcrys, the tree of long-lost Elven magic, is dying unravelling the spell of Forbidding that locks the hordes of Demons away from the world. Already the fearsome Reaper is free. Only by ...
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514 р.
Talon of the Silver Hawk: Conclave of Shadows: Book One
Raymond E. Feist

Brand new epic fantasy from the master of the genre. A POWERFUL NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES FROM ONE OF THE GREAT MASTERS OF THE GENRE Among the Orosini tribe, every boy must undergo the traditional manhood ritual in order to understand his place in the ...
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134 р.
Inside Out Pre-intermediate: Workbook with Key
Philip Kerr, Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones

- ...
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475 р.

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